Secure. Objective. Guaranteed.

"Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness."
—Edwin Louis Cole


Bonded & Insured

The Night Audit is one of the fundamental requisites of the ability to manage a hotel with fiscal confidence. Not only is it the human intelligence check on the information systems, it’s also your safeguard against fraud or theft from sources both internal and external. Part of the Night Auditors of America difference is that we make sure the nightly revenue audit of your operation is safe and secure.

When you hire Night Auditors of America you are making an investment in security and objectivity that can only be realized through a third-party independent audit. We take your trust in our services and the people who provide them very seriously. To give you that next-level peace of mind and show our appreciation and unparalleled stance behind our services we chose to invest in them along with you and back them financially, at our expense. Night Auditors of America provides a surety bond in the amount of $100,000 on each and every one of its employees. We are also fully insured and carry general liability of $1 million as well as workers’ compensation insurance on all of our employees to protect your assets.


We work with your books, so it’s common in the normal course of business for our staff to be exposed to information about your property and the financial component of its operation that are of a discretionary nature. Our policy at Night Auditors of America is that this knowledge is kept strictly confidential. Our employees are expressly forbidden from discussing sensitive or proprietary business information about your property with anyone other than their immediate supervisor or manager. This includes room rates, vendor agreements, performance metrics, and any other information that you instruct us is to remain confidential.