On The Job
So You Can Sleep

“When You've Seen Beyond Yourself, 
Then You May Find Peace Of Mind Is 
Waiting There.”

—George Harrrison

Overnight Coverage Just Got Easier.

Experienced managers know effective Night Audit is all about these four things:

Outsourcing your audit with Night Auditors is all about one thing:

Management Efficiency

We work when you don’t, but we’re available when you do.

That adds up to an additional level of middle management support that is exclusively focused on night time operations. Our nightly auditing service gives you peace of mind, helps you reduce your costs while mitigating risks to your business, and adds overall value to your property’s night time operation in a variety of different ways.

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Where It Matters:
Revenue Management

Revenue Management is crucial to profitability in the lodging industry but can far too often be deprioritized by Front-of-House management to deal with challenges that more tangibly affect their day to day activities.

The high turnover and transient nature of the hospitality business can mean that a lot of the time a shortage of staff is the culprit, and the night audit shift is almost always a repeat offender. Night Auditors of America eliminates this problem.

Moreover, the unparalleled financial controls against fraud and theft you gain by using Night Auditors of America are the very basis for the cultivation of healthy revenue management.


When It Matters:
The Guest Experience

Day time is game time; at least as far as the guest service experience goes. Wouldn’t it great if the management at your hotel could spend most of their time focusing on service recovery, and training and supporting the front line staff to provide outstanding guest service?

Well with Night Auditors of America now they can. Even if your property has a dedicated human resources department, time taken to screen candidates, conduct interviews, and train new staff to replace old is time taken away from guests.

This problem tends to be compounded by the night shift. Outsourcing this one component to a third party solves the problem with less drastic action as opposed to outsourcing staffing completely, or management of the property altogether; actions that have far greater financial and operational impact.


Peace of Mind

Simply Put: Our Biggest Benefit.

Night Auditors of America’s contract audit service means that you’ll always have consistent and dependable coverage of the night shift, without fail.



Objective and Secure

Outsourcing the night audit to Night Auditors of America gives you the unmatched objectivity and fiscal security that can only be achieved through a third-party, independent financial audit, performed by someone who is fully bonded and insured.



Reduced Cost

Our nightly audit service allows your property to eliminate's expense like:

     + Need for a Night MOD or Audit Manager

     + High Turnover & Training Expenses for Auditors

     + Overtime Expenses Incurred When Auditors Call Out



24/7 Resources

Our Auditors always have a resource to call, and so does your property’s management team. Our corporate managers are accessible at all hours day and night should questions arise. 



Staff Surplus

Scheduling nightmares because of staff shortages are a thing of the past. Extra staff is always available for peak periods because the third shift is always covered.


"For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind." 

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

"For every minute you don’t contact us, you spend sixty seconds worrying: “Is my Night Auditor going to show up tonight?”

—Night Auditors of America

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