Outsourcing of Night Audit for Central Florida Hotels, Resorts and Timeshares

Covering Your Third Shift Just Got a Little Easier

As a hotel owner or manager, you know it’s critical that your night audit be accurate. That’s why you’re probably spending a small fortune training your auditors, paying overtime when they’re out, and replacing them when they leave. Now imagine that you never have to worry about that third shift position again.

Night Auditors of America offers you the opportunity to outsource your night audit. That is, we provide third shift (11p.m.-7a.m.) auditors to perform the daily revenue audit for hotel, timeshare and resort properties and also interact with property guests at the front desk.

We Do Night Audit for Any Size Property
Founded in 1990, Night Auditors of America is located in Orlando, Florida, and is the largest night auditing company in the United States today. We work primarily with Central Florida hotels, resorts and timeshare properties. Among our clients is virtually every size property from small motels of under 100 rooms to large brand-name resorts with over 1,000 rooms.

Save Money By Outsourcing Your Night Audit
Why do so many Central Florida hotels use Night Auditors of America? Because we’re less costly and more dependable than covering the third shift functions with in-house employees. With our service, you won’t pay auditor salaries or provide benefits. You won’t pay overtime to daytime employees to cover the night auditor’s vacation and sick days. And you won’t have to spend any more time or money hiring and training new auditors.

The Biggest Benefit is Peace of Mind
Wouldn’t it give you enormous peace of mind to know that your third shift is dependably and competently covered—forever! Night Auditors of America provides you with highly-trained, experienced night auditors every night. No more concerns about the quality or consistency of the night audit. And no more scheduling nightmares. Best of all, if you have any questions about the previous night’s audit, we’re available to talk during regular business hours.

Call Night Auditors of America Today
If you think that outsourcing your third shift and night audit could be right for your property, or even if you have a short-term “emergency need” created by a vacationing night auditor, contact us today. We’ll come to your property, evaluate your needs and give you a price on our night auditor services.

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