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Need an expert to help you maximize your investment in your current property management system, or select a new one altogether? The choices can be overwhelming and understanding the individual features of each system can become a full-time job. Roll outs can be tricky with lots of dynamics such as current hardware capabilities and employee training. Night Auditors has worked with dozens of different systems and knows what to look for to make sure a PMS is everything that a property needs it to be.

Here’s what we can do to help:

+ Perform a comprehensive assessment of the businesses information technology systems and how they interact with each of the different operating and administrative departments.

+ Develop a Spartan checklist of features your property needs in a property management system.

+ Help you solicit bids from different vendors.

+ Sit in on sales presentations, ask the pertinent questions and then help you evaluate the pros and cons of each system .

Audit Procedure & Overhaul

Are you new to the hotel business? Or perhaps you’re new to a property and know that there are gaps in the nightly revenue audit but aren’t sure how to fix them? Maybe you’re ready for some expert advice, but just aren’t ready to commit to outsourcing any staff. If that’s the case then Night Auditors of America has a solution just for you.

We use our expertise to assist hotels, resorts and timeshares to develop and implement an audit system to be used by your in-house night auditors. Whether yours is a new property or an existing property getting a new property management system (PMS) or, if it is simply time to reevaluate your procedures, we can establish the processes for your audit. We can also train your staff on how to use the new system.

Fraud Monitoring & Investigations

In the modern day and age, credit cards and other electronic forms of payment have become more than just commonplace; they are a way of life. Not only crucial to a hospitality operation’s ability to conduct business with its customers, the infrastructure for processing these payments represents a significant overhead expense to the business. Moreover, the fees charged for the processing of electronic payment are in part risked-based. That means that instances of fraud can cause the credit card companies to raise these fees, or worse.

Not only can you hire Night Auditors of America to check your financial controls and ensure there are no gaps, but we are also experienced in investigating credit card fraud. As an outside auditing firm, we can often spot a discrepancy faster than an in-house person might. We’ll help you identify where the problem is, where the money is going and who is taking it. When the scope of the investigation requires depth, we turn to our team of outside consultants and work with everyone from expert mystery shoppers to licensed private investigative agencies to make certain we eliminate loss from employee theft.

Understanding Fraud

In order for fraud to take place three conditions need to be present. They make up was is commonly referred to as the triangle of fraud: 1) Pressure 2) Opportunity, and 3) Rationalization. The single most important thing to understand about fraud that it is absolutely NOT preventable.  Of the three legs of the triangle, the only one which can be removed through business controls is Opportunity. Night Auditors of America utilizes two different types of actions to manage the second leg of the triangle; overt activities, and covert activities.