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Night Auditors of America affords your operation the opportunity to outsource the night audit. Why is this solution different from other more traditional options? It's simple...

Hotel Management Companies provide comprehensive management of the entire operation and can often times be one-size-fits-all. Placement agencies and staffing companies focus on HR. They give the operator more control, but tend to be a temporary solution with no guarantee of long term success after a probationary period. Night Auditors of America bridges this gap by providing two main services to the hospitality industry; outsourcing of the night audit, and consulting services regarding auditing and hospitality business internal financial controls. We don’t just provide these services for the properties lodging operation either. We handle the full scope of hotel revenue outlets including health and fitness, retail, food and beverage, recreation, and any other services and amenities your property offers to its guests.

Night Audit for Any Size Property

We provide a comprehensive suite of services that’s customized for each property and its needs. Among our clients both past and present is virtually every size property. We have serviced every type property from small select-service motels of under 100 rooms to full-service flag branded resorts with 1,000+ rooms and dozens of revenue outlets.

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A Fiscally Sound Solution

Why do so many Central Florida hotels use Night Auditors of America? It’s simple. We’re less costly and more dependable than covering the third shift functions with in-house employees. With our service, you won’t pay auditor wages or MOD salaries, or pay for benefits like health insurance and worker’s compensation. You won’t pay overtime to daytime employees to cover the night auditor’s vacation and sick days either. And you won’t have to spend any more time or money hiring and training new auditors.

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